Club Hit II (Ladies' Night)

from by B.U.G.

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Cody- Synth
Joe- Synth, Vocals


You know we dressin' to impress
(It's ladies' night at the club)
And we go'n make a fuckin' mess
(Would you please rub)

Your booty all up and down
my swangin' dang-a-lang, Miss Thang
What's yo' name
(It don't matter)
Let me 'splain this game that we playin'
Involves a lot of juices
and a lot less chatter
And if you thinkin' I'll be callin' you afterward
You're mistaken
Rest assured
You've been taken as the type
to get wit fo' a night
then get the hell on
(Now that he's cum, he's gone!)
No need to excuse my attitude, girl
I know I'm rude
But goddamn- to tell you the truth
that's just all I wanna do
with yo' motherfuckin' ass.

Ooo, baby!
Work that thang
Yeah, show me how you move
You know that drink you sippin'
makes you wanna grove
If and when you suck me in
Shakin' what you got
I'll ask ya:
"You mind if I have a look around in there? I'm trying to find your G-spot...

"Well, I'm probably goin' to grope in your booty whether you like it or not..."


from You Will Hate This, released April 24, 2012



all rights reserved


B.U.G. Nashville, Tennessee

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