You Will Hate This

by B.U.G.

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released April 24, 2012



all rights reserved


B.U.G. Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: I Want My CMT
I want my CMT

Oh, that's my song
Turn up the radio now
I have to hear it loud
Before it ends
I have to send a text to all my friends
"I wish that you were here
to share a few cold beers with me."
(Cold beers with me now)

The songs we hear are sung by
those who have been chosen.

Songs today
just don't compare in any way
to things they used to play
It's all just shit
And you should quit listenin' to your radio
It's no good

Channel surfin's quite the time
Shut up in this room of mine
I keep up with the recent trends
Talk about them with my friends
through social networks on the net
No single reason here to fret-
Big Brother keeps me oh so safe

So I just watch my TV shows
and listen to my radio
Track Name: Neoteric Parapet(Out Passed Griffin's Run)
Down the road from your ma's,
there's a field where we can find
juicy caps and perhaps
a good ole time.

But we may not be able to handle all the shrooms we shove down our throat...

Oh god,
I've slipped into another state
Psilocybin stain upon my brian
A wall of interweaving chromaticity
Poison pumping through my pulsing veins
And I can't speak
My thoughts they do leak
From my head right down to my feet
Reception of rapid rejection

Down the road from your ma's
is a natural occurrence.
Track Name: Club Hit I (Club Hoppin')
Step in the club- I'm feelin' the beat
Checkin' to see if there's shawties to meet
Cuttin' a rug 'n' feelin' alright
Let's down this drink and boogy all night

Girl I like the way you move
Especially when you're
dancing with your lady friend
You make my dick swing to the groove...

"Say, what's a fine-ass bitch such as yourself doing in a stanky-ass joint such as this? You don't say! Well, would you like to accompany me to the bar, where I will proceed to buy yez a drink? Oh- not 21, huh? Well it's cool- they know me here; I'm a regular! Come on, it's cool!"

Hey there!
Whatchya want to drink, my dear?
Just take your pick and I will pay.
I don't mind!
As long as I get your behind
drunk enough to do just what I say.
Come on girl!
Try and think!
What do you fucking want to drink?!?

" you guys have, like, cosmo's?"
"Yes, ma'am. I can certainly make you a cosmo."

Now that we're loose, I'm up in your face
wondering if you will come back to my place
Your sloppy walk and the drool on your chin
gives off the hint that you're probably in

Come on girl
Let us leave
Back to my house
Where you will be
Taken advantage
Of all night long
It's cool if your puking
There's nothing wrong
Track Name: Dysentery Annihilation
Into the filth
The child must walk
Smelling trashes
and ashes of cigarettes
Rotting beef
Moldy cheese
Spoiled milk
Sensing disease...

Half a fucking burger
buried deep beneath the muck
waiting for it's trash day
Faster, Mr. Garbage Man
Gotta hit all them routs
You better earn your pay
Track Name: Club Hit II (Ladies' Night)
You know we dressin' to impress
(It's ladies' night at the club)
And we go'n make a fuckin' mess
(Would you please rub)

Your booty all up and down
my swangin' dang-a-lang, Miss Thang
What's yo' name
(It don't matter)
Let me 'splain this game that we playin'
Involves a lot of juices
and a lot less chatter
And if you thinkin' I'll be callin' you afterward
You're mistaken
Rest assured
You've been taken as the type
to get wit fo' a night
then get the hell on
(Now that he's cum, he's gone!)
No need to excuse my attitude, girl
I know I'm rude
But goddamn- to tell you the truth
that's just all I wanna do
with yo' motherfuckin' ass.

Ooo, baby!
Work that thang
Yeah, show me how you move
You know that drink you sippin'
makes you wanna grove
If and when you suck me in
Shakin' what you got
I'll ask ya:
"You mind if I have a look around in there? I'm trying to find your G-spot...

"Well, I'm probably goin' to grope in your booty whether you like it or not..."
Track Name: Club Hit III (Will Dry-hump For Drinks)
You can touch my body
If you buy me a drink or two, boy
Call me shawty
Pop my thong
Touch my body
Buy me a drink or two
Then we'll party
All night long

Sequins on your fresh top
Damn I like the way dat back pop
The way you make yo' booty drop
Got me goin' 'til I can't stop

Damn right, a girl like me
Can get any of my motherfuckin' drinks fo' free
Jus' strut the stuff that makes 'em bust
The boys in lust think it's a must
For them to blow
a fat stack of they own cash
to get to my percolatin' ass
Yeah, let the dude by a few
so when he get in you
you'll have an excuse, bitch

You can touch my body
if you buy me a drink or two, boy
call me shawty
pop my thong
touch my body
buy me a drink or two
then we'll party
all night long

Dancin' and drinkin' and drivin' home
Burnin' and blazin' and singin' yo' song
Hopin' the cops ain't go'n' fuck wit yo' ass
Checkin' yo' back as you stompin' da gas

Bouncers, wristbands
Black lights, stamped hands
Hot bods, hair gels
Short skirts, toenails
Cig smoke, strong drink
Let loose, don't think
Play dumb, fist fight
Dry hump, all night

Oooooo, girl!
I'd like to be your boo for the evenin', yeah!
Can I get you one more cocktail?
Don't worry, I've got this off-shore money, baby!
I know a way you could pay me back,
but it ain't go'n' be wit that cash-money, baby-boo!